Personal & Corporate Background Checks

Bizfraud will provide background checks and credit checks for Business Owners intending to:

  • Hire employees who are placed in a position of trust or entrusted with company vehicles and equipment, and who claim to have certifications that meet job requirements. i.e. journeyman certification, technical qualifications
  • Extend a line of credit to a company or individual over a 30-60-90 day period
  • Sign a Contract where Services and Products are being provided on a line of credit
  • Sign a Partnership Agreement that involves money, credibility, and ethics, and where documents are produced that need to be authenticated or verified as being factual.

Personal Background ChecksPersonal Background ChecksPersonal Background Checks

Bizfraud will conduct inquiries in a professional manner and will separate FACT from Fiction.

Our Resources extend to every part of North America and special requests for Over Seas Inquiries can be conducted through our a Network of Investigators World Wide.

Remember that most Bios, Resumes and Curriculum Vitae are exaggerated and overstated, some are outright deceitful. Background checks are beneficial to help determine the truthfulness of the statements made on documentation submitted by an Applicant.

BE AWARE: There is a liability onus in many instances on Business Owners who hire employees that are not fully qualified, but state they are. Is it your responsibility to know who you hire and what their qualifications are? The answer is YES.

Corporate Background Checks

Golden Rule… when:

  • Extending Credit: Know Your Customer!
  • Hiring an Employee: Know who you are hiring!
  • Signing a Contract: Know your risk!
  • Signing a Partnership Agreement: Know your Partner and the risk!

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