No Adequate Plan!

This is essential reading for owners of private companies. Generally speaking, there is a lack of specific information and instruction on running and managing a small business, which makes it very difficult for owners to confidently decide how to conduct the most important decision they will ever make. 

Unfortunately, many owners of companies have not adequately planned for managing their business. 

There are four main areas or cylinders to running a successful business: 

  1. Sales
  2. Marketing
  3. Administration
  4. Operations

The sad fact is that most business owners are usually running on only 2 of these cylinders and therefore experience a failure to achieve optimum sales and profits resulting in huge stress on the owners, staff and their families. 

A business that is well prepared for success has more formal systems and processes i.e.

  • functioning business plan
  • employee’s handbook
  • rigorous financial statements
  • credit management policies
  • up-to-date customer lists

The business should be genuinely committed to delegation and employee empowerment. 

Traditional approaches to running a company involve a shockingly low level of selling and marketing activity. Changes in thinking are essential. In this Guide, you will find the essential basic principles and guidelines for obtaining the best results for your business. 

In addition, there are many insightful ideas and suggestions to enable you to realize the maximum sales and profits from your hard work. 

It is also essential to bring proactive marketing principles back into the forefront. Many owners have great products / services but fail to succeed because they are unable to market themselves successfully. 

See Free Business Forms on the Home Page for an e-guide that is mentioned throughout this article. 

Greg Spafford
Business Consultant & Managing Director
Firstbase Services Ltd