Becoming a BizFraud member is easy. Just follow the steps below to learn more about the process:

  • 1. You must Sign Up to become a member
    There is no cost for this. There is a Membership & Confidentiality Agreement, as well as some other security agreements that you will need to review and agree to before you can use the Service. Bizfraud must establish your Identity and your permissible purpose for obtaining Consumer information.
  • 2. You must fax in or upload documents to the website as per the membership application.
    These will include documents that confirm business ownership and documents that identify who you are before the account can be activated
    NOTE: BizFraud requires documentation in Compliance with Credit Bureau Policy.
  • 3. The following documents are required:
    • LLC, articles of incorporation, sole proprietorship or business license
    • A copy of a current phone bill to support the phone number listed in the online application. The bill must include either the company name or your name, address and phone number
    • Proof of identification (valid driver’s license or passport)
  • 4. A site inspection must be completed prior to your account being activated
    A site inspection takes 3-5 business days and costs $54. Your office must be located in a commercial space, no residential offices are permitted. This is a one time site inspection unless you move the location of your office or change the ownership of your office. Once you have completed the site inspection request form that is attached to the membership application, a certified inspector authorized by TrendSource Business Verification Inc., a company that does the site inspections will contact you to set up the inspection.
  • 5. The turnaround time for the reports that you order online generally only take 2-3 minutes and they are posted to your account on the website.
  • 6. Review the Operating Instructions that you receive via email immediately after sign up.
    These instructions will provide you with the information necessary on how to use the BizFraud service, as well as lots of tips and advice.
  • 7. BizFraud will activate your account once your documents are received.
    If your application or documents are submitted after hours then BizFraud will activate your account on the next business day.

TIP: When photocopying a Driver’s License set the copier to light.

The membership application is unavailable at this moment. Please acccept our apologies. For a detailed explanation you can contact us during business hours.