Free Business Forms & Tools

Essential Guide to Business Success

This downloadable e-guide should be your Business Buddy. It is full of valuable information that will change the way you think about your business, the way you work in your business, and the way you shape your business success. Successful Business Owners are knowledgeable Business Owners and this Guide has been designed to educate and inform on the most important aspects of running a Successful Business. Download here.

Employment Application Form

Every employer should have a new hire complete an application for employment. Why? Valuable information is obtained and it includes a consent statement that authorizes you to conduct a consumer credit report, a criminal record search, and to conduct other background checks as necessary. Where employees are entrusted with company assets that include finances, valuable equipment, vehicles and valued customers, you should know the background of the person you are hiring. Download here.

Employee Agreement Form

This form, for new hires, outlines the responsibilities of both the employee and employer. Download here.

E-mail Policy

Every company that has a computer and internet access should have an email policy, for a variety of reasons. If you don’t want to start receiving spam and junk mail, or have your employees’ waste valuable time communicating with friends on social sites, then you will want to implement a company email policy. Otherwise there is a probability that a theft of time will occur from your company. Download here.

Free business forms and tools

Internet Policy

With employees wasting time surfing the WWW, with internet sites placing tracking cookies on your computer, and a greater potential for viruses to infiltrate computers while surfing the net, companies need to implement an Internet Policy. Download here.

Branding your unique identity

Is branding important? Find out…download this document.

Market Research

Market research is the lifeblood of the business decision –making process. Find out why…download this valuable informational tool.

Sign UP Now and report good & bad pay habits of your Accounts Receivable to BizFraud, reporting pay habits to a Credit Reporting Agency (TVS Small Business Service Inc.) will serve as a deterrent for accounts that are late or fail to pay because generally there is not a consequence.

Sign Up Now for the ability to run credit checks on your Credit Applicants, this risk reduction tool will minimize your risk of income loss and prevent fraud.